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Full Version: Conditional Pricing In Trade Tool.
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Good day, Beckett Community.

I am usually only in the Hockey Boards, but thought that I would share this with everyone!

I have been making some great trades, and have had many offers over the past while, and have noticed something that throws me off. There are residual "Mint (9)" statuses placed on cards that are in our Org. that were "graded" as such when Beckett was questioning the conditional value of cards a couple of weeks ago.

The thing that really throws me is that this rating drives the BV of the card up to 125% (instead of the stated 110%... easier to calculate???), and this is on ALL cards that are marked like this. So in essence, a card that has a high BV of $20 looks to have a value of $25 when in the Trade Tool.

The really wonderful thing (sarcasm) that is happening now is that the cards that we are adding to our Org. after the conditional value controversy are going into our Org. as Nmt. (8), which reflects the true high BV. So now mostly everyone has an array of cards marked at Mint (9), and Nmt. (8) in their Org., throwing things off for our trades. Annoying... to say the least, and it has turned trading into a guessing game!

I have found a way to remedy this, and it is pretty easy... go into your Org. (make sure you are in "All Items") and and hit the arrow on the little box that says "select". When you do this a drop-down menu will come up. Select "Collection", and this will highlight your entire Org. Above "Condition" you will see a blue "Fill" selection. Hit that and then revert your status to "Nmt. (8)" and it will do such for all of the cards in your Org. This will situate your collection back to the default that Beckett now has your cards falling under.

Now... if you do not have the "Condition" column placed in your Org. you can add it by scrolling to the bottom of the screen while in your Org. There you will see "Choose Columns". Hit this and two menu boxes will come up. In these menu boxes you can choose what you would like your Org. to look like (i.e. you can add/remove the picture option; conditional value; Beckett High; Beckett Low; etc.) by hitting the (+) in the right menu box to put a feature into your Org., or the (-) in the left menu box to remove a feature from your Org. Please keep in mind that the space in your Org. is limited, and if you choose too many features it will crowd your Org., or they just will not show up.

I know that other people have become frustrated with this conditional pricing error as-of-late, but this will serve to resolve that. Thanks for the read, folks! Have a great day, and happy collecting!

What if all your cards are not 8s? I look at each card individually to determine what I rate it at, and I always rate them lower than reality. This way all the people I trade with are getting a deal.

then go back through and make those alterations as neccessary. Thats what I did.