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Full Version: any dwight howards on offer?
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Hey guys, i'm chasing some nice hi end exquisite or ud black cards of DH12!

If u have something u think i may be interested in please check my photobucket and see if i have anything u are after?

if not let me know a price?

thanks ian

bump it up!
keen for anything exquisite or ud black that i don't have!
paypal ready guys if u have anything
got 3 dwight gold standard 14ks for trade. also a psa/dna autoed jersey of him. check my bucket for pics and lmk if you could use them. thanks
thanks for post, how much are u after for each of the cards and jersey? do u have photo of the psa certificate?
I have this if you are interested.
[Image: img004.jpg]
on the 3 14ks im thinking about $50 a piece. the jersey about $200. id rather trade for 1 or 2 cards if that suits you better. and yea i have the coa. ill take a pic n post it if we come up with something.
thanks, i think i'll pass on the 14ks, otherwise i will start picking up all sorts of random howards! looking for any exquisites of dwight i dont have!
bump it up, any help with dwight exquisite autos much appreciated!