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Full Version: My 2011 Topps Red Refractor Set Progress
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After months of searching so far i have come up with 95 of the total 220 . so i am short of 125 for the full set. I am glad that some members of this site try to help out on my chase but as much as others helps out some gives me a hard time lol !!!!. theres a long list of people to thank to but you know who you are.

If ill post up all the scans of what i got it will be huge so i thought of making it as a slide shot

Here is the link if ever you want to see it

thanks for looking and hope that you continue to help with my set
I have a Derrick Williams. LMK if you need it.
Looking good man!
I had thought about doing that set...then I came back to reality lol...good luck man thats going to be an awesome set!
Get us the list of players you still need...