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Full Version: Buying Inscription Autos
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Plmk what you have, pm's work best.
Interested in baseball, basketball & football. Stars/hof'ers and Upper Deck all big pluses but not requirements.. Help me spend some money here lol
[Image: image_25.jpg]
[Image: image_26_1.jpg]


[Image: image_25.jpg][Image: image_26_1.jpg]

[Image: image_25.jpg][Image: image_26_1.jpg]
Have a Knowshon Moreno Inscriptions...interested?
(01-26-2012, 03:11 AM)arod0770710 Wrote: [ -> ]Have a Knowshon Moreno Inscriptions...interested?
Possibly, do you have a scan?
Picked up a nice David Robinson recently and a few bums lol, still looking for more!
Picked up 5 new ones since my last post.. Unfortunately though none from here.. Anyone have anything?? Still have $ burning a hole in my pocket lol..