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Full Version: PC show off thread!
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Here's some of my pick ups over the holidays:

[Image: 01-11-121.jpg]

Comments are welcome. Thanks for the look!

Killer cards!
Some sick patch cards
Awesome looking cards.
Always nice seeing some sweet additions to someone's PC! I'm especially liking the Backstrom Auto Patch.
Holy cow, Ash! That Neuvirth The Cup RC and the FX Patch are incredible! Amazing pick-ups! Congrats!

wow Ashley

great pick ups
insane sick breath taking patch congrats on the additions
These are some truly unbelievable cards...every one of those is a stunner. That Neuvirth Cup ARP takes the cake for me as far as eye candy but boy am I jealous about your SPA Ltd.
What Backstrom Artifacts is that on the bottom left? Looks amazing, Id like to add one.

Nice cards.
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