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Full Version: basketball 90's-00's stars
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I have some basketball cards to trade. this is a list of the main guys I have listed as of now, I have 10,000's still to list trying ea day to post new ones to the org. If you looking for a player from the 90's I most likely have him, maybe his RC.
Jordan, Michael (49)
Bryant, Kobe (32)
O'Neal, Shaquille (30)
Kidd, Jason (24)
Garnett, Kevin (19)
Pippen, Scottie (19)
Ewing, Patrick (17)
Hill, Grant (17)
James, LeBron (15)
Robinson, David (14)
just a bump
You check my org for possible trades..
lmk what you're after as I saw some cards in your org that I need. I'll be getting a big lot of cards in friday, including some football - so might get som stuff you could use.
wow, massive collection.
nothing at the moment tho.