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Full Version: Yushin Okami - UFC Finest
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I need UFC #40 - Yushin Okami. I have about 8 sets missing one card. So i need as many as anyone can spare. I'll trade GSP, Lesnar, Silva, Jones base whatever someone wants so i can finish these sets.
super hard to find if anyone else hasnt noticed! they must have made a mistake because on all my other boards this card is wanted badly by all. i was wondering when people would start asking on here! sorry i only have one and gotta keep it.
Come on someone has to have some of these.....
I have about 20 of every other card in the set and I only have about 5-6 of this one....and I have noticed that everytime you buy a large lot there are very few of this card and nearly every partial set is missing it on eBay.
thats what i thought, too! google it and u will see its quite the topic on many sites. i think thats dirty if topps did it on purpose. check this out for example...
I wonder if its something like they loaded the boxes headed to Asia with Okami's. I have noticed that Yamamoto and Omigawa are also slightly harder to pull than say GSP or Weidman. Not to the extent of Okami though.
yup i thought the same thing! i noticed that omigawa was hard, too! i did pull one but it was tougher like u said. i had to hunt down a okami! but hey i saw one on amazon for $2.75. i know that sucks for base but hey u can get it!
one case i opened had 5 and 5 rich franklins the next case no okami or franklins the colation is awful the same case had 8 golds okami was one of them