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Full Version: MAN I AM A ###!!!!
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My brother, father, and I decided to bet $25 each for a season long football pool. The winner would get $25 from each of the losing members, thus getting $50. Well I just finished getting my $25 together and in the mail.

[Image: 8a7e73e7.jpg]

$20.16 in PENNIES

[Image: 19cd3c70.jpg]

Check for $4.84

I love it! I did that to a guy at work. He was so ticked he wouldn't accept it.
LOL !!
Love it!
Probably cost you more to send it then $25.
lmao, thats the way to get it done!
haha thats awesome
(01-07-2012, 03:32 PM)branesergen Wrote: [ -> ]Love it!
+1 Smile it would have been funnier if you sent it in Yen lol Smile
Love it!!!
that's a good one. remind me never to make a bet with you. Wink
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