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Full Version: Want to trade for MOT inserts and golds!!
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come on guys hit me up!!
here is what i am looking for...

Posters- TUF3, TUF 5*, UFN2, TUF13, UFC 55, UFC62, UFC67, UFC89, UFN23, UFC 118*, UFC129*, UFC133, UFCVS4
Elite Skills- AP, AS, CD, CV, CW, DM, FE, FM, GS, JA, JE, JF, JJ, LM, MH, ND, PB, RB, RP, UF, VB, BJP, JDS, YO
Showdown Shots-AH, AK, AL, AS, BA, BR, CF, CM, CT, FM, FW, GF, GP, HC, HJ, JB, LV, MN, MP, MV, NB, NC
Collision Course-BM, CF, DC, EM, ES, GB, GR, GS, HC, HS, JE (Jackson-Evans), LC, LM, RR, SO, SP, SS
Sorry I havent got back on the trade yet. Been out of town and my case worth of MoT has yet to arrive...and conveniently he has misplaced the DC#. My guess is I will be receiving a refund.
WHAT? Dont buy from that guy again!!