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Full Version: 2010 Sweet Spot Break
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My Fiance Bought me some sweet spot for xmas good deal since it was 55 dollars a box and the steelers were rollin fat in it.

Here are the hits
Max Hall BYU Sweet Spot Signatures 101/150
Roman Gabriel Sweet Spot Signatures 110/125
Kevin Smith Sweet Swatch
Chad Pennington Sweet Swatch
Jonathan Stewart Sweet Swatch
Rashard Mendenhall Sweet Swatch
Chris Johnson Sweet Swatch

All The hits are for trades for steelers players looking to trade auto for auto The only sweet swatch not for trade is the mendenhall

I also have base cards of some big names i dont pay for this but i am willing to trade with people. pm me if interested in anything.
Can we get some scans.. I am not sold on those yet and was thinking of buying some. Maybe the more I see of them I will go get some..
Not the ones he pulled, but here's some pictures:

[Image: img978.jpg] [Image: img996.jpg]

[Image: img970.jpg] [Image: img965.jpg]