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Full Version: Buying: robbie Grossman, Ryan Kalish, Aroldis Chapman, Neftali Soto
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rarer and autos, rookie stuff.
i have the finest rookie redemption. PM me if interested.
(12-30-2011, 11:08 PM)ericinct Wrote: [ -> ]upppppppppppp
Did you get the PM I sent?
I have a Chapman #68 Rainbow from 2011 Topps Chrome sitting here that I dont know what to do with. I dont have the plates or super though.

Base ref, xfractor, Orange, purple /499, atomic /225 blue/100, sepia /99, gold /50 and red /25

I pulled the Red and Gold out of the same box and figured I might as well get the rest. After searching and searching for a black refractor and relizing there was never one made I was pretty let down.

Feel free to make an offer if interested, I would trade as well, looking for rare Jeters and star autos or vintage.
i have a triple threads booklet auto for sale
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