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Full Version: WTTF: 2010 & 2011 Cubs Autos/GU/patches/serial numbered
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check me. heres some of what i got. the castro stuff will be harder to get than the others

[Image: scan0170.jpg][Image: scan0181.jpg][Image: scan0208.jpg][Image: scan0174.jpg][Image: scan0048.jpg][Image: scan0136.jpg][Image: scan0105.jpg][Image: scan0195.jpg][Image: scan0196.jpg][Image: scan0197.jpg]
Offer sent.
got starlin castro auto from 2010 topps chrome as well as the refractor auto from the same year if your interested.
still looking for more...let me know
Not sure if you are meaning current Cubs or 2010-2011 cards. I have an Ernie Banks Topps SP Hope Diamond /60 if interested.

Im interested, but maybe we should wait until pricing comes out for the card?
I have a DJ Lemahieu 2010 Bowman Chrome Prospect auto - any interest?

yes i have some interest
OK I will check bucket, but do you know if you have any:

2010 Topps Legends SP, Ginter Auto/Relics, Braves baseball, LSU football?
I have A&G relics for trade, scans in my photobucket
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