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Full Version: Extraordinary CHRISTMAS Acquisitions: My First Goalie Gamer, and special PC stuff !)
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That is right, Christmas has now come and gone, and unwrapping the gifts received was a true treat for all of my senses. I would love to do a lengthy pre-amble describing my joy at these obtained items, but I feel that the pictures are worth a thousand words.

This first batch is a nice collection of three goalie 8X10 photographs, autographed of course: Kelly Hrudey, Antti Niemi, and Thomas Greiss. A good start to the thread, a warm-up for the awesomness that is to be:


[Image: hrudey8x10.jpg]


[Image: greiss8x10.jpg]


[Image: niemi8x10.jpg]

Now, the Irbe additions for the holiday season. Yes, normally I get cards, but because my wantlist is really small now, I received many oddballs to further pad my collection:

Media Guides from 1996-97, 1999-00, 2000-01, 2001-02, and 2002-03 respectively:

[Image: starsguide9697.jpg]

[Image: hurricanesguide9900.jpg]

[Image: hurricanesguide0001.jpg]

[Image: hurricanesguide0102.jpg]

[Image: hurricanesguide0203.jpg]

Some autographed pucks creating a good retrospective of Irbe's career:

[Image: irbestarspuckauto.jpg]

[Image: irbecanuckspuckauto.jpg]

[Image: irbehurricanespuckauto.jpg]

The biography of Arturs Latvian:

[Image: irbebiography.jpg]

Some oddballs including a Hardee's Restaurant promo thing, an autographed 8x10, and a master photo with all accompanying copyrights included with it:

[Image: irbehardeespromo.jpg]

[Image: irbelatvija8x10.jpg]

[Image: irbestarsslidecopyright.jpg]

Now my #2 hit of the holidays...wait for it...another Irbe game-used and autographed stick, because one is not enough and two is better. This is also from 2002-03 based on the tape pattern and shattered on the blade after taking a slapshot in game action:

[Image: irbesticknumber2.jpg]

[Image: irbestick2blade.jpg]

[Image: irbestick2autograph.jpg]

[Image: irbenameplatestick2.jpg]

And here is the new stick (front) with the old one from last year (back):

[Image: irbestickstogether.jpg]

But Bruce, what could beat something for your Irbe collection? When Class Auctions announced their Fall Auction, I was excited that a Mark Fitzpatrick jersey was listed. When the auction went because I was unable to register on the site, I was a little upset. Christmas was a surprise when out of the second last box I opened was the same game-used jersey that passed me by. This was worn by Fitzpatrick while with the Hurricanes. He faced all 68 shots of his season in this jersey. He never actually faced a shot in the red home jersey, only this one so this is a 1/1! So here you go, my new prized piece of my collection, the authentic game-worn jersey of Mark Fitzpatrick:


[Image: fitzpatrickfront.jpg]


[Image: fitzpatrickback.jpg]

Puck Mark on Jersey:

[Image: fitzpatrickpuck.jpg]

Comments are always welcome...especially after so many hours are spent scanning everything into the computer Smile
Congrats on receiving such great pc additions and a gamer no less! I bet you overwhelmed with excitement when you opened your gifts.

Merry Christmas!
Sweet x-mas stuff congrats
Wow, now that is what I call a Christmas!

Nice additions Bruce.
Great gifts - Thanks for the photos.

Happy Holidays from England - Bob.
Thanks a lot for all of the comments everyone. The only challenge for me now is to find a place to store everything!
Sounds like this Christmas, The Arturs Irbe Collection Phase 2 has begun in earnest with some serious oddball and mem pickups...congrats!

Just one thing: who's Mark Fitzpatrick?
Those are some awesome addition, Bruce! Congrats on the fantastic Christmas, and thank you for sharing it with us!

Thanks for all of the comments everyone, the Irbe PC continues to grow at an exponential rate Smile

Also, PM sent Alan Wink
wow just wow congrats