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Hello all. This is my first time in this forum, and I hope maybe someone could help me with a question. I have two rip cards from 2008-09 Topps Treasury basketball. One is a Dwayne Wade, and the other is of Dirk Nowitzki. both of them are numbered out of 299 I believe. They currently book for 25 a piece, and I've had them for 4 days now and managed to not open them. It is my dream to pull a one of one or logoman of anyone. I know the odds are are pretty slim but has anyone else had much luck with opening rip cards? Suggestions please!
those are two great players. dirk even more now that he won the nba finals. i dont think you would get much out of ripping them.
If any of them are PC then I wouldn't ripped them. I haven't have any luck with rip cards, but I also haven't had to many, lol. My PC players are LeBron, Jordan and Kobe, so Topps don't offer too much if anything of my players, so it would bother me as much. If you don't care about the players I say try your luck. The worst you can get is a mini serial numbered card. At best you can probably pull a Rose or Love RC.
I'd rip but just because it would bug me not knowing what was inside.
i traded for one in baseball (john smoltz) because I wanted to rip it and pulled a jeannette lee red auto /10
I would not rip them. I've had three RIP cards, one was a Kevin Garnett, which I ripped & got 2008-09 Topps Treasury Mini Exclusives Gold Andre Iguodala /10.. I'd rather of kept KG. Also ripped a B-rated player and got a worse card than I ripped. I still have 2008-09 Topps Treasury Rip Cards #30 Greg Oden /299. Fought the urge not to rip..

Unlike some of you (aside from the guy who pulled the Jeanette Lee auto /10, SICK! got a scan?), I've had a bit more luck with rip cards. I pulled this mini Brook Lopez auto from a 08'09 Topps Treasury rip card, I cannot remember which player it was, it may have been Jason Kidd, not sure.

Brook Lopez, 08'09 Topps Treasury Mini Autograph Card

Also, I pulled a Josh Howard mini autograph card from a rip card I pulled in 07'08 or 08'09 Topps (don't remember which year). But I never took a pic of the Howard. This one might be rarer than the Brook as Howard signed it in red ink. Again, I don't remember which player the rip card was of. But I remember ripping another 1 or 2 rip cards and just pulling a #'d mini card.

So, just because I've been lucky 2 times, does NOT mean you will have the same luck as me. I remember in 08'09 Topps Treasury they have mini logoman cards, mini autograph cards (such as above) and mini #'d cards...