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Full Version: ESPN Fantasy League
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I joined a public league with only 6 people and just thought I would share the results with everyone.

R1 P5: Dwight Howard
R2 P8: Blake Griffin
R3 p17: John Wall
R4 p20: Tyreke Evans
R5 p29: Danny Granger
R6 p32: Jrue Holliday
R7 p41: Marc Gasol
R8 p44: Demarcus Cousins
R9 p53: Wesley Mathews
R10 p56: Michael Beasley
R11 p65: Deandre Jordan
R12 p68: James Harden
R13 p77: Nick Young

Had to get deandre jordan because with chris paul there I believe this kid is looking to have a huge year. Also blake takes alot of pressure off everyone!!

Just really interested to know what you guys think of this lineup and your chance to be a critic!