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Full Version: 2008 LCM sweet box!!
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[Image: 2011-12-23181143.jpg]
Reggie Smith /1500
Ray Rice /250

Malcolm Kelly Freshman Fabric /599
[Image: 2011-12-23180651.jpg]

Willie Parker FOTG sick 3 color patch W/ breaks 1/25
[Image: 2011-12-23180729.jpg]

Emmit Smith[Image: 2011-12-23180805.jpg] Immortals GU /100

Joe Flacco Certified Potential rookie Auto /100
[Image: 2011-12-23180838.jpg]

Lmk what you guys think all available fs/ft will post pics when I get to my PC
Nice pulls! Can't go wrong with Flacco.
That is a very good boxSmile Thats about as good as it gets! Congrats
Especially if they can make a run in the playoffs..
pictures up!
emmitt on ebay
Sweet flacco
(12-28-2011, 04:10 PM)alstott9adams Wrote: [ -> ]Sweet flacco
Thanks, on another note seen something in your bucket i could use! Sending PM