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Full Version: Christmas present early! MJ
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As many of you might know, I collect Michael Jordan. I always wanted to have a patch of him using the bulls uniform. finally got it!!! very happy!! i need to define my collection as I have gotten a lot of new stuff. will be posting a trade thread soon!!

[Image: ScreenShot2011-12-13at124406AM.png]

It is numbered to 10!!!

I also got this numbered 23/100!! mj's jersey number

[Image: ScreenShot2011-12-13at124436AM.png]

here is a link to my mj collection, it is still far from where I want it!!
sweet stuff!!!!
Those are really nice cards! Glad you got your first patch card! I only have one too and it took me forever to get! They do not sell cheap! Congrats!
Congrats! Aonther sweet card to add to your awesome collection!
tight collection.. thanks for sharing.
They both look good!
thanks guys. starting to love some of the cards in the collection. I am still far away from what I want and have to cut spending a bit. I will try to stop buying at least until next month but am looking forward for some trades