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Full Version: Holy Grail Mailday (for me at least)!
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here are the two items that came today in the mail...part of my new PC venture! I have one more coming in that should arrive possibly next week.......that one will take me up to 6 PENS GAMERS!!!


** These are the pics from the owners I received the jerseys from...I havent taken and uploaded mine yet. Will do soon though!

First one:

06-07 Erik Christensen Home Game Used Jersey Set 1 (Actually set 4 from 05-06)

[Image: christensengamer1.jpg]
[Image: christensengamer6.jpg]
[Image: christensengamer2.jpg]
[Image: christensengamer5.jpg]

HOLY GRAIL TIME! (was excited to land this one!)

10-11 Winter Classic Alternate Maxime Talbot
(This was ordered by the Pens because they liked them so much in order to wear at home in front of their home town fans for 2 games Vs LA & Montreal)

[Image: TalbotVintage10_11Gamerfullback.jpg]
[Image: TalbotVintage10_11Gamercrest-1.jpg]
[Image: TalbotVintage10_11Gamerneckline.jpg]
[Image: TalbotVintage10_11GamerNameplate.jpg]
[Image: TalbotVintage10_11GamerBurnhole.jpg]
[Image: TalbotVintage10_11Gamerelbow-1.jpg]

LOA is coming next week with the other jersey I bought from the same seller.

[Image: TalbotVintageGamerTag.jpg]
Thats soo awesome! And here I thought having Andrew Raycrofts goalie stick from when he played Junior A was awesome!
here are some pics from the two games of him wearing it:

[Image: TalbotVintage10_11Gamercanadiens2.jpg]
[Image: TalbotVintage10_11Gamercanadiens3.jpg]
[Image: TalbotVintage10_11Gamercanadiens4.jpg]
[Image: talbotvintagegamercanadiens.jpg]
Sickness Hugh! Congrats on the finds Wink
WICKED!!!!! Congrats on picking those up Hugh!!! I been thinking about trying to get a couple of gamers to add to my Pens collection. You inspire me Big Grin Again Congrats on the pickups!!!!
Wow! A totally wonderful addition to your PC! And just in time for Christmas!!! Great stuff, Hugh, and thank you for sharing it with us. It's great to see such awesome memorabilia in the hands of those who really enjoy it!

Sickness very jeliouse
Wow a gamer of Talbot and the Winter Classic no less. That's the pretty much the pinnacle right there... Congrats!
(12-23-2011, 04:06 PM)ricebondsmntna2young Wrote: [ -> ]Wow a gamer of Talbot and the Winter Classic no less. That's the pretty much the pinnacle right there... Congrats!
It's the winter classic alternate....winter classic has the patch...I wish I had that one. This one was worm for two games vs. Kings and Habs.

Pretty cool none the less.
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