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Full Version: Solid Mail Day
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Even though I don't collect this particular player or team, I was able to scoop this beauty up for a very good price. It just goes to show, bidding on random items that are cheap sometimes pays off.

[Image: DBD6AE2D.jpg]

Sorry about the poor quality picture, my scanner wasn't working so I took a picture with my iPhone
A very nice card indeed! I randomly check out eBay to see what I can find for cheap. I have gotten some great traders for an awesome price! Congrats!

I recently snagged about 20 GU cards for $20 on the Bay not too long ago, all star players also!
Even had a Brent Jonhson Pens GU I needed... gotta be fast on there though :p
Congrats!!! Really nice card of a good prospect. I'm actually going to Oklahoma City next week to see him and a the other Barons play for 2 nights. Congrats on the pickup!!!
Nice addition
That's a sharp card alright...if you're looking to move it, let me know because there's someone I know who'd love it.
I don't collect that set either but I did pickup a Shattenkirk from the same set and I was very impressed by the card. Nice pickup.
very nice mail day