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Full Version: Anybody else? 2011-12 Score Glossy ERROR
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I have a 11-12 Score Glossy Tim Thomas #64

It is the GLOSSY parallel, however, it does not bear the word GLOSSY above and below the card # on the backside. Anybody else have this error on the same card or another? LMK, cheers
Yes, all the Bruins reg team cards do not say glossy on the back even though they are. Misprint from Panini.
Wicked, thanks Walt!!
I Have the Same error on two bruins glossy parallels
They don't say glossy on the back but have the glossy picture and thicker card

They Are
Patrice Bergeron #57
Zdeno Chara #61
I have a different type of complaint about mine. I have the regular and "glossy" version, but the front of both looks 100% the same. I can not tell which is the glossy without looking on the back.
They changed the GLOSSY cards I see.

If they are like the other GLOSSY cards. If you shine it in the light. You will notice the difference.

silly Score....