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Full Version: Has anyone heard from or seen beuinsfan08?
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Made a trade with him for a Cam Neely artifacts jersey and I havent heard from him. I sent him a message telling him I had sent my card out and then sent another message asking if he sent his end as it hasn't showed up on the tradepage.

He is usually a pretty active trader on the forum but I haven't got any replies to my messages...
I haven't seen him around here since probably the middle of last week, but I also haven't had too much time to visit with the holidays and other things going on.

He seems very reliable I wouldn't worry. Sometimes life catches up to us and we don't have time for the internet.
I know that there is nothing to waorry with about bruinsfan08 (Chris). He is one of the best traders, and most active Beckett Community members. He might just be out with family, or Christmas shopping, or whatever, depleting his time to come on to Beckett. I know that you will get your card(s), and that you will be really happy with the trade. Hope that all goes well!

Hey guys! Still alive and kicking, but everything is a bit tied up at the moment. I was planning on a trip to Florida for Xmas, but I had an emergency work trip that forced me to leave town a week early, and has me gone until Jan 3rd. Ducks_Fan, sorry for the lack of reply, and the delay, but I had everything packed up for about five different trades, sitting on my desk, but won't be able to ship until I'm home. I get to train on a new program for the hospital, tedious and boring, but it will make my job easier, and I'm getting paid to train in Atlanta, and they're paying for my flight to my in-law's place in FL, and then home. Anyway, anyone with trades in the works with me, hang on until after the 1st, I'll get right back to it! And again, everyone waiting on me, my apologies, I'll be home soon to take care of it my first day back!
glad he is back....

I know I was away for a bit from the site doing the holidays