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Full Version: 1959 WS Game 5 Ticket Stub
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My grandfather was at this game and recently my dad gave this to me. I never even knew he had it. Pretty cool even though I'm not a Dodgers fan. It's staying in my PC. Should I get it slabbed?

[Image: 1959WSticketstub.jpg]
Very cool, I would keep in the holder you have it in. I think it presents better, jmo.
I agree on keeping it the way it is. Nice piece to have in a PC.
It's a collectable item from your Dad that's from his Dad. He thought enough to give you something that apparently is special to him. Just take a minute and think about that. You should treat it special....I sure would. I know he would appreciate me. Who knows, one day you could possibly pass it on to your son.

Have it slabbed to ensure that it is protected properly. I think it would look better encased with a flip giving the details of the item. I've had a few tickets slabbed, and I'm very pleased with the results.

[Image: KOBEBRYANT61POINTSMSG2-2-09.jpg]
[Image: img003b.jpg]

[Image: Yankee_Tickets.jpg]
[Image: psagradedyankee911tickets007.jpg]
[Image: psagradedyankee911tickets006.jpg]
I would definitely have it slabbed!
(06-01-2015, 12:52 AM)hlc1949 Wrote: [ -> ]Have it slabbed to ensure that it is protected properly.
I agree. My slabs are generally for protection, personally.