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Full Version: Up for grabs a big time Babe Ruth oil painting from Yankee Stadium
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Greetings all.

I’ve been asked to sell a Babe Ruth oil painting which has come out of Yankee Stadium. This treasure is indeed richly unique, captures some solid history, and is simply one of a kind.

The story behind it follows.

In 1977 Yankee Stadium was renovated and the painting seen below was put up on a wall in the new press room area. The press room is where the media gathered to watch a game. The owner’s uncle whom worked for the Yankee organization over 30 years received the painting as a gift when they tore down the Stadium in 2005. It has since been passed down from uncle to nephew.

[Image: babe3.jpg]

The oil painting itself measures a little over 5 feet tall while being between 3-4 feet wide and is surrounded by a wooden frame which brings the total height to over 6 foot.

The artist Peter J. Boruta completed the work in 1976, signed the front and it’s thought the back of the canvas was possibly signed too of which is currently covered up by a board backing. Peter lived in Hamilton New Jersey, was well known for circus paintings especially with clowns, and there is a book from 2002 about his life. He passed away in 1992.

[Image: babe2.jpg]

Appearance flaws to point out as a minor issue overall are some nicks to the frame at the bottom edge part. Otherwise it’s in tip top shape.

The location of the painting is presently in the Augusta, Georgia area. It’s an option to box and ship, meet in person to make the deal or even deliver by vehicle.

The buying range has been established between $4,000 and $10,000.

What would be the best opportunity of marketing this piece in order to achieve the greatest return?

Other needed details will be supplied as available.

Thanks for lending a hand to move a very interesting item!

[Image: babe.jpg]
I would recommend a professional auction house. Lelands is one that I use and they have an Ebay store as well which should give maximum exposure. Great item and thanks for sharing.
WOW that is a sweet painting.... wishes I had the cash....
Thats so awesome!