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updated: 5/10/2012

I have a huge stack of Topps Signatures 2008-09 autos and base. I have about 70 autos, some are duplicates & about 250 base. Also, a small stack of red/black facsimiles... Let me know what you need? All my duplicates are listed in my Organization...

I have scanned all the cards that are part of my master set... (autos, base, red, & black facsimiles)...

I am looking for the following cards, if you want to trade...


- AUTO -
J.J. Hickson /125

Brandon Roy
Chris Paul
Derrick Rose
Morris Almond
Michkael Pietrus
Reggie Theus
Samuel Dalembert
Zach Randolph
Bill Russell
Jo Jo White
Spud Webb
i need to finish my auto set:
deandre jordan
courtney lee
joe alexander
i know i need a couple base to finish that as well, but don't know which off the top of my head. when i get home tonight i'll check. i know i have red and black fax cards also that are all for trade.
i'll get back to you tonight.
lecreccio.. I have a duplicate of Joe Alexaner, but not the other ones.. I'm also looking for JJ Hickson, since I am unable to find the one I bout online. I know I have it, just put it somewhere that I can't find it now.. so I am looking for Hickson too.

I'll have my Black facsmile want list up late tonight. Got to wait for my son to fall asleep before I can pull out the cards. Let me know what you need for base & facsmiles??
i'm having trouble finding my base doubles. i'm sure i will find them eventually but i found my black fax cards.
i have:
al thornton
dwight howard
gilbert arenas
elvin hayes
dwayne wade
george hill
rodney stuckey
lenny wilkens
robert parish
vince carter
maurice lucas
danny schayes
daniel gibson
rudy gay
let me know what you need from these. i would love to get that joe alexander auto from you and i need these base:
gerald wallace
marcus williams
michael pietrus
thadeus young
walter sharpe
aaron brooks
alando tucker
john havlicek
jo jo white
ray allen
spud webb
i didn't realize i needed so many base. i forgot about this set for awhile now. i will look for my base doubles and hopefully i have the couple you need.
i found the base doubles. i have "the ice man" for you, but no bird. sorry about that. i have more than a few base doubles, depending how many you already have you might want to put a second set together. if so you can get everything i have. i wasn't planning on doing the red fax set but i just realized i have 33 of them so maybe i'll hit you up on your doubles of those as well. lmk thanks, joe
lecreccio... I put a space between the BLACK facsmiles that you have that I need & the rest on my needs list. I've also pulled the cards that I have that you need & put them in a different card case with a note regarding possible trade with you. The last Joe Alexander auto that I seen sold for 2X BV. Forgot exact price. It was sometime last year. I found one that is listed as $10 over BV. I bought both of the ones I have. First one I too much for, the second one I got for an ok deal.

** I have all but two base for you **
gerald wallace
marcus williams - don't have
michael pietrus
thadeus young
walter sharpe
aaron brooks
alando tucker - don't have
john havlicek
jo jo white
ray allen
spud webb
Just uploaded the cards that are part of my set...
Still have to scan & upload the Auto cards so you can see my trade bait...

Still have to add all the names & find out which card I am missing. Two cards didn't upload, I found one.. but not the other.. enjoy... the blank spaces are the cards I still need..
I am still looking for Topps Signature 2008-09 "BLACK" Facsmiles... need list is in first post..
These boxes are actually pretty reasonable on a certain website right now. Don't wanna plug or play favorites or anything. All I'll say is it's not blowout or da Smile
if you still have that alexander auto i still have some of your needs ( i think). i will go over book. lmk
To the top... almost forgot.. still need to complete this set... I have lots of autos for trade.. all my duplicate topps signatures are in m org.
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