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Full Version: Wanting to trade this for a nice Young or Kinsler
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I've got this nice dual bat from Pros & Prospects and it features 2 players who should be in the HOF when all is said and done. I'm looking to trade it for a nice Ian Kinsler or Michael Young mem or auto card of equal value.

Let me know if you have anything I can might be interested in either of the above mentioned guys (a photo would be nice as well) as I'm not up for searching through ORGs to find 1 or 2 cards. So, let me know.

[Image: Nov5scan0027-1.jpg]
no one needs a gud bat card of 2 future HOFers? anyone?
I have a young all star stitches game used diamond #/60 but I really don't want ^^^^ card. Do you have any guys in my sig?
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