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Full Version: Pre-Holiday Trade Thread!!
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I've spent the last couple hours overhauling/updating my trade bucket. Nothing earth-shattering in there, but I have some unique MJs as well as about 3 dozen MJ Legacies not pictured for trade, about 20 GU pieces, several autos, a few Kobe RCs, etc.

I'll be able to trade for about a week but then I'm heading back to my hometown for a couple weeks for the holidays and I'm not taking my whole collection with me!

Also I've got a nice old school box coming (97-98 Bowman's Best) as well as a couple higher end new boxes, so I'll be sure to post those in my box break album.

My sig says what I'd like to trade for and I also have a few set needs posted in a separate thread. Thanks for looking everyone!
bump! C'mon it's the holidays I will throw in lots of extras...even more than usual!
offer sent