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Full Version: questions about sheet cut cards
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This is my first post to this forum so please bear with me if this is a discussion that everyone already knows about.

30 years ago I bought a number of football year sets - inflation was rampant and collectibles were on everybody's mind so why not. I put them in storage, never bought another card, and only recently decided to open them up and see what I got. Beckett grading facility is only 30 miles away so I have begun cherry picking the sets and submitting them for grading. Since they are all earlier than 1981 they automatically go in for BVG grading.

Mostly very excited about the cards I have and how much prices have appreciated (bought the cards for about 2.5 cents apiece) but now I'm reading about something called 'sheet cut cards' and how Beckett grades them but PSA does not.

Obviously this is a relatively new phenomenon and I'm wondering if it is more prevalent in one sports card category than others and if it is more likely with cards printed after a certain date.

Clearly Beckett is most convenient but I'm wondering if I should switch horses and grade the rest at PSA.
I think the only difference would be that you can cut a card from a sheet and make it a BGS/BVG 9.5 with the technology we have to cut stuff with today. The original pack pulled factory cards in BVG or BGS 9.5 are harder to get that perfect grade because of handling by people over the years.