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Full Version: Old School Set Needs
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So I'm two cards away from completing each of 4 old school sets...can anyone help me out?

1995-96 Jordan Collection- (24 cards, spread out over Collector's Choice, Upper Deck, SP and SP Championship). I need JC21 and JC23, both are SP Championship.

1995-96 Metal Rookie Roll Call Silver Spotlight- I have the whole regular insert set and need just Bryant Reeves (#R5) and Cherokee Parks (#R4) to finish the silver spotlight set.

1996-97 Collector's Choice Jordan A Cut Above- I need just CA3 and CA7.

And last but most certainly not least...1996 SPx- I need just #1 (Stacey Augmon) and #29 (Vin Baker).

If you have any of these for trade please let me know!! Thanks for looking.
already slid to the second page so I'll try a bump!