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Full Version: 2011 Timeless Treasues break
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I was going to wait until I had this scanned before posting the break, but since I saw another break today, I figured I would put this up in order to warn everyone against buying any more of this junk.

I should have listened to my own advice, but I got the box for $54 total, so I took the chance:

Base Cards:
#65 Matthew Stafford /499
#92 Steve Johnson /499

"Bonus" Card:
Hall of Fame #11 Chris Hanburger

#132 Aldrick Robinson AU/297 RC
Rookie Recruits Materials #9 Ryan Mallett /250
Game Day Souvenirs 3rd Quarter #10 Sam Bradford/250

So, even with six cards, this "tin" was pretty bad. Don't get me wrong, I like the Bradford and the Mallett, but in a product priced like this, at least one of those hits should have been a Prime piece, or those two cards put in a box with an ACTUAL NFL rookie RC Auto, as opposed to a sixth round pick on the Redskin's Practice Squad.

This is junk. I know they can not all be amazing, but I would not consider this be even average. I would not have paid $20 for all of these cards. And, yes, I understand the Risk/Reward of opening boxes, but really?

Just looking for sympathy. It's all FT, and I will put scans up later if anyone really cares.
Dang, at least your Bradford patch is going to be GU from his Rookie year.