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Full Version: 2011 Gridiron Gear and Gold Standard
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First sorry for the bad pictures. The hits for the Gear Todman pullout 25/309 Maclin almost prime 26/50 and Greg Jones auto 124/299
[Image: 102_0602.jpg]

The Gold Standard Randall Cobb RPS redemption Sad Niles Paul auto 224/499 Anthony Castonzo auto 2/25 Matt Forte 82/99
[Image: 102_0599.jpg]
The base
[Image: 102_0600.jpg]

and this gem Smile

[Image: boxbreaks2.jpg]
Slingin' Sammy 3/5
Sick Baugh!!! That is one nasty lookin old patch!
I will take that cobb right off ur hands just PM me!
Nice hit on the Baugh!!! Let me know if you ever want to trade it.
Great another Niles Paul card I have to acquire. This is getting sort of monotonous. Wink
Sweet Slingin' Sammy!!!

Sweet pull on the Sammy...
SAMMY!!!!!! Sick card!
Awesome Baugh! I think you did alright on that Gold Standard box!
Where's Mik? Wink

I swear they send all the Todman cards to Alaska...
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