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Full Version: 1995-96 Bashan vs Imperial Stickers
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I have traded for the Imperial sticker of Roy like 3 times and keep getting the same card:

[Image: !CB1zF1gBGk~%24(KGrHqQOKj!E0,KjylPeBNJLnw5oNg~~_3.JPG]

Beckett has two entries, is there any difference?

1995-96 Imperial Stickers #66 Patrick Roy
1995-96 Bashan Super Stickers #66 Patrick Roy

i forgot, after someone told me

i wish i can help you
No difference whatsoever. I have spoken with a hockey sticker expert here in Alberta on the subject, and like the non-existent Topps/OPC parallels from the early 2000s stuff, the Bashan/Imperial thing was a bad mix-up. Call the sticker whatever you want but there are no differences between the two whatsoever.

At one point, before I downgraded my duplicates, I had 35-37 copies of that for Irbe.
Great, thanks Bruce. I will mark it as a have now.