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Full Version: Black Friday 2007 Leaf Limited box break
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Well got my box in today, hoping for an AP like everyone else.

First pull hit:

Tom Brady /100, that was an ok pull
[Image: Scan113390003.jpg]

Next hit Rosey Brown & Sam Huff dual jersey /100, another ok hit
[Image: Scan113390002.jpg]

Followed by this redemption,
[Image: Scan113390004.jpg]

the one thing I was hoping I could avoid. Well found the checklist and looked it up, and just my luck it is for a.....

Adrian Peterson Silver Phenoms patch auto /49 DAMN!!!!!! Now just have to pray Panini will honor it.

Wow! Good luck, man. Hopefully, they'll help you out!
(12-05-2011, 06:19 PM)sconnienation3 Wrote: [ -> ]Wow! Good luck, man. Hopefully, they'll help you out!
Thanks guys, I sure hope so. Couldn't imagine them throwing out extra AP rookie autos haha
Let me now if the brady is up for trade
good luck, thats tough dude!
I have a good feeling for you man! Ah that would have been sick!