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Full Version: Can't wait for the UPS driver.
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3 boxes coming today and some misc packs from blowout. 2 black friday specials and a box of 11 certified. Sitting at home just watching the driveway. hahaha
Sweet good luck and let me know if you hit any NFL die cuts
Good luck!
Ha same here. Got a couple cheap boxes for my brother for Christmas....and added a box of 09 gridiron gear for myself- to save on shipping of course Smile
waiting for the UPS driver is pure agony!!!
It was brutal... and so were the boxes. haha. At least I have one more coming today. 07 playoff contenders.
(12-06-2011, 02:53 AM)eazy e Wrote: [ -> ]waiting for the UPS driver is pure agony!!!
I feel ya. The only time the UPS guy came early for me was when the boxes I was opening are for Christmas, LOL Big Grin

Wishin ya mucho mojo!!!