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Full Version: young guns or future watch?
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Which rookie cards do you think hold the most value for the long term----- SP Authentic autographed Future Watch rookies or Young Guns?
As a base card YG is the best to hold there value the best. Future watch have autos and serial number so they will hold some value due to those facts
in my mind the answer is both

as mention FW has autos so folks love them

but YGs price will be the same as folks really enjoy them
both. Cup RC aside, the YG and FW RCs are the 2 affordable ones considered hobby staples. almost anyone collecting a certain player will try to have both in the collections.
+1 to what has been said...

really i guess it comes down to available funds...if you are on a budget...$3 for a pack of ud is great for the return you will get....otherwise ur looking at $5+ for sp authentic...
Keep in mind as well that you get 6 YG's in a box.. 1, maybe 2 autoed FW in a box.
I personally prefer FWA...each player has a print run of /999 instead of 10,000+