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Full Version: Organize, Price Guide, and Trading
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Has anyone been able to access this since December 1st?
It was messed up but now it's fixed. I think you may need to just clear your caching from browsing history.
mind was mess up

but if you do what Nick said above you should be find now

if not we can figure out it Big Grin
Mine still does not work no matter what do. And, I have years of info in the darn thing.
Things still aren't completely fixed and it seems like they never will be. We will continue to have to settle for some half working site.

Sometimes I have to hit page refresh 5-7 times before mine returns. Don't worry you may not be able to see it but they haven't lost it.
Are the prices fixed? I have some trades in progress, but dont want to add cards and send counter offers if the prices are off still. Thanks.
The biggest bugs are in Trade and also the conditional values in each card's individual listing, from what I can tell.

Oh and this site's new background color is going to give me a seizure if I don't scratch my eyes out first.