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Full Version: 4 Box Gridiron break with ridiculous FILTH
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I got about 35 parallels on top of what is scanned...You won't believe the cards that came out of the first two boxes...several of the parallels and hits were 10/10 and 250/250 etc...

[Image: 2011-12-02_13-50-44_261.jpg]
Auto /25
Asante /50

[Image: 2011-12-02_13-52-46_936.jpg]
quad /150

[Image: 2011-12-02_13-55-22_658.jpg]
Darelle Revis /250 breast cancer awareness sp, the only one in 4 boxes. Not sure if these are part of the /250 parallels and only some are breast cancer awareness version or what...other parallel is /25

and here we go....

First pack of first box was this

[Image: 2011-12-02_13-56-17_557.jpg]

Second pack of first box was this

[Image: 2011-12-02_13-56-04_433.jpg]

Then this was in one of the last packs
[Image: 2011-12-02_13-56-46_189.jpg]

Then first pack of 2nd box
[Image: 2011-12-02_13-55-38_588.jpg]

Then this
[Image: 2011-12-02_13-55-50_611.jpg]

then after pulling one of the base jerseys I figured this run HAD to be over right...not of the last packs in the box

[Image: 2011-12-02_13-56-32_853.jpg]

I wish I had never opened the second two boxes Gridiron break of my life.
Wow, crazy break, seems all the good stuff is coming in the early boxes.
Good gravy.
Holy mary!
Nice! Is the Dalton FT?
Love the quad patch with Jamie Harper. Smile
Only selling guys, sorry
wow nice break. congrats on the vick sell already on ebay. thats a lot for that card never thought it would have went so high
Pm me price on the quad please.
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