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Full Version: Redemption Durant Auto ft
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[Image: scan0001-8.jpg]
Bought a box of 2009-10 sp game used during the black friday sale the box was full of BS but I did pull this Durant Expired Redemption auto
does anyone know if Upper Deck would be nice enough to honor it I tried calling them today but they were closed so I am going to call back tomorrow
Also if anyone wants it before I try to redeem it is for trade
considering they have done jordans, at least ive heard that, that were a couple years expired, they should do the durant since its only a few months expired. keep us updated, hopefully ud will do it for you, or at least something comparable.
From what I hear, UD is good for at least giving something for expired redemtion
yeah they actually honored a 06-07 chronology auto for me of Jordan last year i was just wondering if they were still being cool about it
I would LOVE to have that but unfortunatley, I don't have anything worth that kind of value for it. But +1 on keeping us updated. Hopefully they redeem it and you have yourself a sick KD!
yeah i already have 3 Durant autos so i really am excited to get it i will prob just sell or trade it