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Full Version: new trade thread - new pickups
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shout outs to adiddy for the monroe...
[Image: IMG_1295.jpg]
just got it so not in a rush to move it...but just seeing the interest...god forbid someone has some dope knicks cards they want to trade for it, and by some i mean one most likely, and not of any of the scrub 90's knicks...its like beating a dead horse but i gotta say it and i'm still gonna get offered my stephs and lee's...oh well...ill trade for non knicks too if theyre the right cards...
there are many more in my bucket and i'd like to get some more trade's done soon so look thru and let me know...
not a new pickup but also gauging interest-
PLATINUM /5 would only trade for HIGH end a similar fields PLATINUM RPA would be ideal...
[Image: IMG_0971.jpg]

[Image: IMG_1263.jpg]
[Image: IMG_1088.jpg]
[Image: IMG_1138.jpg]
[Image: IMG_1084.jpg]
[Image: IMG_1226.jpg]
[Image: IMG_1227.jpg]

thanks everybody