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Full Version: Dream Team autographed rookie cards complete :)
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Finally finished my US Olympic Dream Team signed rookie cards set. Added Chuck Daly last night to wrap it up. Scans on a couple are old, as all of them have now been PSA/DNA authenticated and slabbed, with the exception of Laettner (I'm not wasting $10 getting his slabbed right now) Ewing signature is hard to see in scan, but it's there. I have earlier signed rookies for some of them such as Jordan, Barkley, Drexler as well, but the ones below are generally considered their mainstream rookie.

Coach Chuck Daly
[Image: 1989HoopsChuckDalyPSADNA.jpg]
Michael Jordan
[Image: 25k7sdu.jpg]
Charles Barkley
[Image: vi372w.jpg]
Karl Malone
[Image: 2i1lc15.jpg]
Larry Bird & Magic Johnson
[Image: 34dinmr.jpg]
Patrick Ewing
[Image: 35n93pf.jpg]
Clyde Drexler
[Image: id92bq.jpg]
Scottie Pippen
[Image: 30uvgiu.jpg]
David Robinson
[Image: iqbhu0.jpg]
Chris Mullin
[Image: 110lnyt.jpg]

Due to a 10 picture per message rule, here are the other 2:

John Stockton
[Image: 1988FleerJohnStocktonPSADNA.jpg]
Christian Laettner
[Image: christianlaettner.jpg]
Ummmm SICK!!!!
That's just awesome. Very impressed.
Very nice!
did you get all these cards signed yourself? If so would you happen to have an ewing lying around you could give me?
Thanks, to answer a couple of the questions, no I didn't get them in person myself. Most were purchased already signed and a couple were gotten for me by friends that got them in person.

No extra Ewings. He's by far the toughest one of the group to get. Ewing doesn't enjoy that aspect of being a public personna I guess.

That is one sweet Bird, Erving, Johnson card.

That triple is somethin else!
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