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Full Version: What Boxes Would You Recommend?
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Ok, I might have seen a post like this but I'm not sure, so here it goes. My family has asked me to think of about 8 boxes of cards (No Cup or ITG Ultimate) I would possibly want for Christmas. Here's what i had in mind. I am trying to pick boxes i haven't already broken, they also told me to put them in order too:

1. 2011/12 Upper Deck Artifacts Hockey
2. 2007/08 Upper Deck SP Authentic Hockey
3. 2011/12 Panini Certified Hockey
4. 2010/11 Panini Luxury Suite Hockey
5. 2010/11 Upper Deck SP Authentic Hockey
6. 2011/12 Upper Deck Series 1 Hockey
7. 2007/08 Upper Deck Spx Hockey (Have already opened this stuff, but really like the product.)
8. 2007/08 Upper Deck Ice Hockey

Comments are not welcome, they are ENCOURAGED!!! I'd love to here other people's perspective. But Please, no negative comments.


I think that you have a good list there, but I would be cautious of the 2007-08 stuff. Upper Deck does not like to give out expired redemptions, so that may be a drawback. It would suck to yank a Crosby AU or Price AU GU RC and not be able to redeem it. Maybe throw a couple of selections from last year in the mix. Seguin's stock is rising high with his performance, and Hall, Skinner, Eberle and Paajarvi are all nice pulls too. Good luck!

I like the UD Artifacts. I bought a couple boxes at the Sun-Times show and was happy with the product. Pulled a Thornton auto and a Sedin dual patch. Kind of cool, except I don't like the Sedins!

Nice product by UD.
for older products I would try to avoid products with redemptions as you never know what will happen with them
in my opinion this years certified didn't seem to be as well as last years

1. 2011-12 Black Diamond (Comes out Dec 20) so cutting it close
2. 2011/12 Upper Deck Artifacts Hockey
3. this year or last year Score
4. 2010/11 Panini Luxury Suite Hockey
5. 2010/11 Upper Deck SP Authentic Hockey
6. 2011/12 Upper Deck Series 1 Hockey
7. 2011-12 PANINI LIMITED (date is dec 14)
8. 2011/12 Panini Certified Hockey (some boxes are tough for the price point in my mind)

hope that helps
I have bought almost a case of Artifacts now and I have not had a box I wasn't satisfied with.

Anything from UD Ice is a great break as the set is very attractive and has some great hits.

I am waiting for 11/12 BD also, and I plan to buy a half case of this so if you get one, let me know how it is!

Last of all, no matter what you get, have an awesome time breaking wax and I hope you pull some goods Big Grin
How 'bout a 2010 Dominion or 2011 Parkhurst Champs (one of my favorite sets in a while)
This is going a little bit further back, but you may want to consider tracking down a box of 2006/07 SP Authentic...

There are expired redemptions in the product, but most of the big names were live in the product AND half of the 2005/06 SPA rookie print run (that means 499 Sidney Crosby AU RCs!) were stuffed in that years' boxes.

I mean, what better christmas box would provide BOTH the Malkin AU RC AND Sid da Kid AU RC in the same box??!!?? (and they do exist, i remember seeing someone posting a break with both bombs in the same box a few years back)
Thanks guys, looks like i will be sticking to boxes from this year or last year. so that means these that i already had listed: 11/12 Artifacts, 11/12 certified, 10/11 luxury suite, 10/11 sp authentic, 11/12 series 1. Now thats 5, need about 3 more. I like so far 11/12 BD, 10/11 zenith, 10/11 certified, 10/11 series 1, and 10/11 SPx, LMK which 3 you would take out of these 5. Bonnev, I really liked your list but i really just want to open alot of packs so i dont think 11/12 limited is an option for me (even though it seems like a huge improvement from last year) also, Merovious, dominion might be a little high $ wise meaning i'd get that instead of a couple of these boxes and like i said i really just want to open a lot of packs, and i dont know i guess i just dont like parkhurst. LMK what you would do.


good call

I forgot that limited was higher priced like UD ultimate...
bump! what should the last three boxes be?
bump this! need some more help guys!!!
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