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Full Version: Havent had one of these in awhile, lets do some trading :)
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Glad to hear the NBA season will get started on Christmas. I'd like to get something going here to commemorate. I have a ton of Player PC & Set Needs which I'd be looking for in return on trades.

I have something like 16K cards for trade. I'm not looking to trade down much on my set needs so more looking for other low-end trades on them. Unless of course the set needs carry a decent BV then all my org is fair game. Heres some scans and I got plenty more in the org:

[Image: img393.jpg]
[Image: img394.jpg]
[Image: img395.jpg]
[Image: img396.jpg]
[Image: img397.jpg]
[Image: img398.jpg]
[Image: img399.jpg]
[Image: img400.jpg]
[Image: img401.jpg]
[Image: img402.jpg]
[Image: img403.jpg]
[Image: img404.jpg]
[Image: img405.jpg]
[Image: img406.jpg]
[Image: img407.jpg]
[Image: img408.jpg]
[Image: img409.jpg]
[Image: img410.jpg]
[Image: img411.jpg]
[Image: img412.jpg]
[Image: img413.jpg]
[Image: img414.jpg]
[Image: img415.jpg]

Best way to get at me is through an open offer, I dont mind checking orgs.

like the garnetts and the dirks, check my org!
Hey man, what's the details on the Grant Hill and the Milicic? I don't think I have anything you can use, but curious as to the details. Thanks.
check me for anything you might like...
check me for the jordan james, any iversons carters or melos.
Brew - I didnt see much
Xtreme - I got a few bigger trades going, once i got those cleared up and change up my wants Ill see if we can get something going
chemainus - sent an open offer
dwreck - I saw a gary payton game used id be interested in. Did you have anything else for the players I collect? It will take something nice to get that jordan/james, want to do a 1 for 1 trade on that.
sent an offer
I sent you an offer as well. Hope you can find some stuff you like!
interested in the van horn,jamison,francis,millsap,ratliff, and gibson autos...
I'm interested in most of the garnett's except the finest Gold and the Gallery RC. All I've got however is a few base of lebron, Kobe, Wade (maybe), a pair of Duncan GU's and a Casspi RC AU I can add to my org. lmk and I'll add them in.
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