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Full Version: My TOP 5: TTM or In Person Autographs
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After countless unshared maildays, trades and expo attendances I've decided to post some of the acquistions I've made over the last -ahem- 10 years.

So, I thought a great way to present would be with an INTERACTIVE (in other words - join in with YOUR PC fav's) Top 3, Top 5 or even Top 7 list.

For this thread, here are my TOP 5: TTM autographs

#1 1977 OPC Ken Dryden

[Image: IMG_0847.jpg]

#2 1956(?) Parkie Ted Kennedy

[Image: IMG_0841.jpg]

#3 1965 RC Paul Henderson

[Image: IMG_0843.jpg]

#4 1976 RC Tiger Williams

[Image: 09fd1a5f.jpg]

#5 1975 Ron Low (it's the moustache!!)

[Image: IMG_0822.jpg]

Excluding my 8X10s personalized to me from all sorts of players, these four cards are my favorite in-person autograph items:

I had these athletes personally sign an Arturs Irbe base card along with an 8X10 for me.
What's your favorite autograph of the 5, from the the standpoint of most memorable story in getting one?
i wish i have some of my scanned but it is still in storage

but here is a few I have
got at Dave and Adams (while getting one for a buddy)
[Image: tonye2.jpg]

the big M from the toroto monthly card show (thanks to Frank/Ameet for the mail order)
[Image: bigm.jpg]

Jordan Schroeder (while waiting in the Rochester Amerks game one cool Winter night)
[Image: pickups3-3.jpg]

and 1 more to come
Here are my top five in-person autos from this year, so far...

[Image: MiddletonIPA.jpg]

[Image: BucykIPA.jpg]

[Image: CheeversBTPIPAutographedCard.jpg]

[Image: OReillyIPA1.jpg]

[Image: Cheevers8x10.jpg]