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Full Version: My TOP 5: 2010-11 Limited Logo's...feel free to share!
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After countless unshared maildays, trades and expo attendances I've decided to post some of the acquistions I've made over the last -ahem- 10 years.

So, I thought a great way to present would be with an INTERACTIVE (in other words - join in with YOUR PC fav's) Top 3, Top 5 or even Top 7 list.

To kick things off, here are my TOP 5 2010-11 Limited Logo's cards:

#1 Marcel Dionne

[Image: Collingwood-20111124-00075.jpg]

#2 Mike Bossy

[Image: bossy.jpg]

#3 Mark Messier

[Image: messierlogo.jpg]

#4 Mike Bossy (pt. II)

[Image: bossylogo.jpg]

#5 Cam Neely

[Image: Neely.jpg]

That patch on the Dionne is amazing. You are definitely making up for lost time.
This is a pretty sweet insert. I love viewing other people's posts because i have no idea cards like that even exist.
So this is what it looks like when bimola settles for less than the entire emblem fit on a single hockey card.
just insane stuff

dont have any of last season
[Image: CCF23112011_00000_crop.jpg]

This is my best Limited Logo from 10-11 The Cup (PC).
(11-23-2011, 02:11 PM)doug8788 Wrote: [ -> ]This is my best Limited Logo from 10-11 The Cup (PC).
NICE!! Thanks for showing it off!
that is a nice patch on JT