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Full Version: I NEED GOLD BAD...Please help :)
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Hey guys,

I've recently had the opportunity to pick up the Mirror Black and Green Certified RC Patch Autos of Gerald Henderson. Now I'm just the gold /25 short of my first auto rainbow Smile

Heres the card:

Its been a really long time since I've seen one surface, so any help is appreciated. Someones got to have one hiding Wink

If you have I will trade/buy in your favor; if not a lead that helps me acquire the card will be gifted $30BV in cards from my FT cards in my org.

Thanks for looking and hopefully someone can help Smile
You know Ill keep an eye out for ya bro! Good Luck!
Thanks Quavis I know I can count on you for that Smile

Thought I'd bump the thread with scans of my Certified collection:

[Image: GeraldHendersonCertifiedJSYAURc181of399.jpg]
[Image: GeraldHendersonCertifiedMirrorRed8of100.jpg]
[Image: GeraldHendersonCertifiedMirrorBlue3of50.jpg]
[Image: GeraldHendersonCertifiedMirrorEmerald3of5.jpg]
[Image: GeraldHendersonCertifiedMirrorBlack1of1.jpg]

And here is what they look like together with one missing Sad

[Image: GeraldHendersonCertifiedcollection.jpg]
Played ball vs him and Ellington in high school :p

Crazy to see people collecting his autos now
I'm sorry sir, but I'm going to have to discount your rainbow because of the two prime cards. Thank you, come again. Smile

Nice looking cards man.
Bumping even tho xstreme was extremely mean Wink

Well my quest is complete. I have Gold in my hands Smile

[Image: GeraldHendersonCertifiedMirrorGold.jpg]