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Full Version: Recent Pacquiao pickups!
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[Image: IMG_1073.jpg]
Topps Marquee Red
Topps Marquee Gold 14/50
Topps Marquee Gold 45/50
Topps Tier One Auto
Topps Tier One Gold 15/25
Topps Tier One Gold 18/25

[Image: IMG_1074.jpg]
Topps Allen & Ginter GU
Topps Allen & Ginter Auto
Topps Triple Threads 1/1 Printing Plate

Those are some serious pickups dude. I would love to own a Pacquiao GU or Auto from A&G one day.
sweet pick ups! havent gotten a card of him auto yet but do have a glove!
Updated with my new pickups! Smile
great card are any for sell?