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Full Version: 1997 Terry Labonte auto?
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I got a 1997 fleer ultra Terry Labonte auto card at a show last weekend. I can't find it in the guide. it's 120/500 and shows him with the 1996 championship cup. Any ideas? It is for sale or trade. Thanks!
You can check me for it - I've got some more Nascar I haven't entered in ORG yet, so let me know if there is someone you need. Lots of Baseball and Football also.


Thanks for the replys. The card is numbered c1 so I dont think it's the one you sent me the link for slufan83. I don't have any of my cards in org yet so i guess I shouldn't have put down the trade thing. Hellsbells do you have any race used or auto stuff of Newman or JJ that would be close in value? Thanks!
Since you mentioned the card #, I found it:

It has a hefty value, should be able to get something nice for it!