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Full Version: WOW I am surprised 2nd good pull of the day?
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[Image: scan0057.jpg]
[Image: scan0056.jpg]
So I just ran back down to the LCS and got 4 packs of 08-09 skybox for buy 1 get 1 free at Vintage Stock and pulled this I thought it would be worth a little but I was shocked when I looked it up..
Does anyone know why this Love auto books so high?
I believe the Skybox autos in general for that year book really high. I think that was the last year they did that set and everyone ordered very low.
08'09 Skybox were produced on a limited run.
Not many of that wax around.

Very nice pull
Most of Kevin Love's RC/AUTOS have gone up in value since he first started playing. I've had a few that I sold way too low. not too familiar with Skybox products in the last few years..
I love that card though...
Because homeboy pulls down 20 boards a game lol, he is the next shaq type player, numbers wise I think
sweet card, i got a george hill emerald auto in the one box i opened, apparently these things are really rare, rumor is around 10-25 copies.
I love buying wax at Vintage Stock, all of my biggest hits have come from there. I make the rounds to about 6 of them in the Tulsa area whenever they have a buy one get one free sale.

Congrats on the Love.