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Full Version: 2011 Topps Chrome Drew Stubbs Canary 1/1 F/T
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I posted this card for trade last night but now my post is gone. Any idea why that would happen? Somebody replied to my post (because I subscribed and got an e-mail) but, when I came back, my post is gone.

Anyways... the card is still for trade. Looking for about $60 in trade. LMK if you are interested and we can work something out. Thanks! - Jason
If you are the person who replied to the last post, please reply again. Thanks!
i'm interested, i posted last night
Thanks. I'll check and let you know.
Any idea where my post could have gone?
no clue, i was wondering that myself
interested as well. lmk. thanks!
@KelbysDaddy - I saw a few interesting cards, let me hold off for a few and I will get back to you. Thanks!
@CapnCush - Sent you a trade offer but, I really didn't see enough for the 1/1. Would be interested in your Kinsler $20 refractor if I have enough to get that from you.
also interested
by the way, you may wanna mark the card FT so your post won't get deleted
Interested as well.
@woodrowsbat - Offer sent, lmk what you think. Thanks! - Jason
pm sent.
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