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Full Version: SCANS,,More Odds & Ends, some rookies, worth a look!
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None are listed yet, I'll try to get to them by the weekend,,,ENJOY!...Mel

[Image: scan0001-2.jpg]
[Image: scan0002-2.jpg]
[Image: scan0003-2.jpg]
[Image: scan0004-1.jpg]
[Image: scan0005-3.jpg]
check me for both Pujols and the jeter fleer platinum. Please thanks
check me for the pujols gallery and porky pig
Check me for byung Hun Kim and montero please, or let me know what you like and I will add. Thx
I am also interested in the Pujols but my trader isn't up to date. If you wanna PM me your needs maybe we can try a deal. If not I understand.
Check me for the Triple Crown Pujols RC. Thanks!
I guess I had better list the Pujols cards. Will try to get back to everyone in the AM, have to go to work soon...Mel
Add me to the list of people interested in the pujols cards.
Check me for the Bonds Leaf "clean up crew"-thanks
Check me for the Alou patch
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