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Full Version: Second 2011 Topps Chrome Case Break
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I did really well in my last case that I decided to roll the dice on another one. I got a good deal on it but with the prices way up on Chrome at the moment, I almost just flipped the case, but I decided to open it instead.

I have gotten really good at pulling DeMarco Murray and Dwayne Harris. Three straight breaks with a Murray auto and third overall hit of Harris also this year. Thankfully I am a Cowboy fan or I would get annoyed! I wouldn't rate this case as worse than my first, just not any big parallel hits like in the last. Both equally fun though and I got an extra auto in this case!

I have just taken pictures of the rookie color variation hits and auto's. If you are looking for a certain player or want a set 1-220, please PM me. It's just a lot easier to get back to people in PM's versus board posts! And all are headed for ebay!

Kerrigan 07/25, Rudolph 50/50(1/1Big Grin), Harris 10/50, Ridley 23/99
[Image: Chattanooga-20111031-00189.jpg]

[Image: Chattanooga-20111031-00190.jpg]

[Image: Chattanooga-20111031-00191.jpg]

[Image: Chattanooga-20111031-00193.jpg]

[Image: Chattanooga-20111031-00186.jpg]

[Image: Chattanooga-20111031-00188.jpg]

[Image: Chattanooga-20111031-00184.jpg]

[Image: Chattanooga-20111031-00182.jpg]
I need the Andy and AJ.
I'd like a shot at the Demarco Auto and crystal Dalton.
You have dupes of the Cowboys you can get rid of??
The AJ and Andy will be on ebay. Had several people PM me about them and hate getting into bidding wars on various message boards.

(10-31-2011, 06:11 PM)jncdrew Wrote: [ -> ]You have dupes of the Cowboys you can get rid of??
Sure. I will let you know.
Have you hit any Ryan malletts by chance?
Will take the Jacquizz Blue Tongue
Interested in the leshoure
Im interested in any Hines Wards....thanks
Could use the Lee Smith atomic refractor.
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